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How Do Hot Drop Jackpots Work?

Striking rich has never been easier. Introducing Hot Drop Jackpots, a revolutionary type of casino game that offers payouts like no other. This hot progressive jackpot feature takes your favourite online slots and makes them more exciting and rewarding. By offering three guaranteed jackpots that are available 24/7, your gaming experience goes to a whole new level.


Triggering A Hot Drop Jackpot

Hot Drop Jackpots are triggered randomly under certain conditions either based on Max Time or Max Price and can be won by playing any of the games supporting Hot Drop Jackpots. The player is not required to make any decisions other than to spin the reels.

Hot Drop Jackpot
Hot Drop Jackpot

3 Jackpot Symbols

To trigger the feature, players must get 3 Jackpot symbols anywhere across the reels of the game, which will activate a flashy Jackpot Wheel. It will spin to get you a Jackpot Tier!



The Wheel

If the player gets 3 jackpot symbols on the reels, the wheel is triggered and will display the jackpot and the amount won. Once the winning animations are finished the player will be taken back to the game and the widget will be updated.

Winning a Hot Drop Jackpot

To trigger the feature, players must get 3 jackpot symbols anywhere across the reels of the game, which will activate a flashy Jackpot Wheel. It will spin to get you a Jackpot Tier!


Hourly Hot Drop

This is a time-based jackpot that must drop within 60 minutes. It drops every hour for 24 hours and while the prize pool is lower, the odds of winning are much higher!

Daily Hot Drop

Also a time-based jackpot, this type must drop within 24 hours, either before the end of the day or by a specific time. The prize pool is much higher than the hourly hot drop.

Epic Hot Drop

This is a traditional progressive jackpot that can drop at any time. It continues growing until a player wins. This one isn’t time-based and drops randomly.


Some of the great things of playing Hot Drop Jackpot games is the multiple ways that you can win real money.
Plus, slots are some of the easiest types of games to play, so what’s not to love?

You have all the usual chances of winning as well as the three Hot Drop Jackpot ways.
Below is a list of some of our top online slots that include this thrilling feature

Reels of Fortune

Reel in the fortune in this 3×3 online slot that is full of winning opportunities. It features Wild Multipliers, a Bonus Wheel and Hot Drop Jackpots. Find out more about Reels of Fortune.

Golden Savanna

Embark on an adventure in the savanna with this 6×4 reel slot. The adventure gets even more epic with Wild Multipliers that can multiply any win by up to 3125x. Read more about Golden Savanna.

Golden Buffalo

Russle up them buffalos and grab them wilds! Golden Buffalo is a 4×6 reels slot that offers a 3125x multiplier and hot drop jackpots. Play the demo of Golden Buffalo.